Honest Tea - Piece of Plastic Glove in Drink

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I was a regular buyer of this companies teas and never had a problem.But today I was drinking one of their teas.

About halfway through i notice something floating in the tea. So I spit out the bit of tea that I drank and fish the foreign object out of the bottle. It looked like a finger off of a plastic glove. So I stopped drinking the tea and I probably won't buy another of their teas.

(Ignore this line.Just getting over pissed consumer's ridiculous 100 word minimum, which is very a n n o y i n g)

Honest Tea - Live Maggot in Tea Product

Brecksville, Ohio 1 comment
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We purchase our first (ever) of an Honest Tea Product. The Heavenly LemonTulsi, Caffeine-Free.Cooled them and opened the first one - there was a live maggot crawlingin the cap, with a spin hanging in the tea. Poured the tea out... the live worm wasmoving about (how is that even possible?). Place the maggot back into the bottle- figuring if it lived the first time it should livethis time. It did not. So now I had a dead maggot in a Honest Tea bottle....thatI returned to the Honest Tea Company.They said it was a 'post-distribution' problem. According to them, this was after the bottle left the plant.A bottle sealed at the plant, had a maggot crawl into the bottle and start a nest inside the bottle cap.I can hardly believe that. We are appalled at their casual attitude.

Review about: Heavenly Lemon.



Hi Carly,

We apologize for your recent experience, and would like to talk to you so we can conduct a root cause investigation. Will you email us at socialmedia@honesttea.com?

Honestly yours,


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